9 Strategies to Conquer Memorial Weekend And Stay Healthy and Energized

9 Strategies to Conquer Memorial Weekend And Stay Healthy and Energized
May 27, 2016

It’s going to be a glorious Memorial Day weekend! It’s a time to reminisce, celebrate, be with family, go on a mini vacation or enjoy backyard parties. This is not the time to have to “worry” about your eating regime, just relax and follow these simple strategies for a healthier more energized end of the week. You will be so proud of you next week!!!

  1. Load up on detox liquids. Prepare water bottles, or pretty containers with lemon or cucumber slices, mint, berries, etc. and drink them constantly.
  1. Add fat to your smoothie or to your salads. Extra avocado, a tablespoon of coconut oil and/or almond butter or olive oil will do wonders to keep you satiated longer and will provide you with plenty of energy.
  1. Go Green and Lean! Load up on healthy proteins with massive amounts of veggies (this applies even if you are going out). It’s not all about salads, grilled or sautéed veggies are an excellent companion to Body Love.
  1. Snack smart. Opt for unsalted nuts, green apples with almond butter, two squares of 80% chocolate or go for a mini smoothie (a bunch of spinach, almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon and stevia for sweetness.)
  1. Say YES to yourself! .. to your commitment to feel and look great. When you say YES you are automatically pushing away what no longer serves you. Commit to stay away from your trigger foods. For many is breads of any type, candy, cookies, soda, milk, alcohol, chips and for others is almond butter or sweet potato fries!
  1. Carry simple snacks with you, at all times! Nuts are my favorite but you can also carry raw veggies, almond butter, green apples, water, etc. Anything that you can safely fit on a zip bag will do!
  1. Add easy movement strategies. Such as standing up every hour (there is a great app for that that I use it is called Strides and it’s free.) Go for a walk before or after eating. Moving throughout the day keeps your blood circulating and flushes out toxins. (Load up on water after moving!)

Note: This is not in lieu of your workout; this is your easy movement for the day. After all, it’s a perfect weekend for a nice workout outside.

  1. Dining out? Lucky you! Just avoid snaking on simple carbs. Have nuts before you arrive to your destination; drink water first; don’t snack on simple carbs such as bread, crackers or pretzels. Choose high fat proteins such as goat or sheep cheeses, shrimp and the like which is common when dining out and you will be more satiated and more likely to eat less and keep your body in fat burning mode all night.
  1. Keep your GOAL in the forefront of your mind and please enjoy mindfully. For example if you really want a glass of wine, please indulge, enjoy it, savor it slowly, save some for dessert and DO NOT feel guilty afterwards. Make the whole experience pleasurable, your body will thank you.
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