An Open Letter to Mr. Trump

An Open Letter to Mr. Trump
October 11, 2016


Dear Mr. Trump,

I need to let you know why I am voting against you.  It’s not personal. I don’t have to like you, endorse you, or cheer for you.  However, I must do my part to make sure you don’t make it to the White House.

Here’s why:

  • You do things I teach my young adult sons NOT to do. I teach them to respect others, especially women, because they actually come from women themselves…  My heart will break if they ever become as nasty as you have, specifically towards women.
  • My soul is aching for any young men (including my own) who believe they can get away with being offensive, ill-mannered, or disrespectful and still be in the White House running this beautiful country.
  • You speak about women (or spoke, it doesn’t matter) in a way that I pray none of the men my daughters marry ever will.
  • I also don’t want my daughters or any woman thinking that men can talk like that. Not even in a “locker room.” It’s painful and sad.
  • You deflect the truth by attacking others instead of taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is one of our family values. It’s not easy sometimes but it’s the honorable thing to do. It’s about integrity. I don’t want my children to think it is ok to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions. It’s NEVER ok.
  • You are not strong; you are weak. You complain about petty stuff like a 4-year-old would. Again, avoiding responsibility, blaming others, and constantly reproaching just to excuse your poor behavior. Everything I don’t want my sons and daughters to think is ok.
  • You threaten to throw people in jail if you become president. You say you will hire a judge that will do the job. This is a remark that only a dictator would articulate. How about you let the justice department do its job without you, Mr. Trump, intervening? I don’t want my children to ever think that they can hire whomever they want to do whatever they want simply because they are in power.
  • You are not prepared or qualified to lead this country. I teach my kids, just as my father taught me, that to succeed at an important job or competition you must get ready, study, get experience, be honest, truthful, and respectful.

I am doing you a favor. You might have good intentions, but you don’t belong in the White House. Get back to your business and reality TV shows that you enjoy so much. Take a break from all this nonsense and go home. Donald, you are fired.


Mari Carmen Pizarro

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