Stop wasting your time on fitness non-sense that doesn’t work!

Stop wasting your time on fitness non-sense that doesn’t work!
November 1, 2017

Ladies, moving your beautiful body with the aim of keeping it healthy and energized may be as simple as taking a 30-minute walk daily. However, there are so many philosophies, techniques and new trends that can make maintaining your fitness confusing.

In this week’s blog we are debunking some of the most common fitness myths. Let go of these misconceptions and begin enjoying a more energized, stronger body. It will help you in both the boardroom and bedroom.

Myth No. 1: Weight training will cause me to bulk-up and look manly

Generally speaking, females have less testosterone than men, which makes it fairly difficult to bulk up to the point of looking manly.

If a leaner physique is what you are after, lifting weights will help you. As your muscles become leaner and stronger they will require more fuel, which means you’ll burn more calories even at rest.

Myth No. 2: The Cardio Myth

Yes, cardiovascular exercise helps lose weight but spending hours per week on the elliptical will not. For the past five years, I’ve seen the same group of ladies at the gym spend at least an hour with the cardio machines without looking any leaner, slimmer or tighter. Five years! We don’t have time for that!

If you want to lose weight, your long-term recipe for success is a combination of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Myth No. 3: 100 sit-ups per day will get you a flat tummy

Not really.

Both sit-ups and crunches are among the least effective exercises for a flat stomach. Craig Ballantyne, one of my fitness mentors, taught me that crunches and sit-ups could be a low back killer and don’t work because you can’t spot reduce a specific body area.

These antiquated exercises involve spinal flexion – rounding your lower back to allow you to bend forward at the waist – and research shows that both movements trigger the mechanism causing herniated discs. Ouch!

What to do instead?

There are better core-strengthening exercises. Among my favorites and most simple are planks, side planks and mountain climbers.

A strong core will help you stand straighter and will help reduce the low back pain associated with long hours at a desk job.

Myth No. 4: You MUST stretch before working out

I cringe when I see folks at the gym holding static stretches before warming up. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, this can potentially cause injury in your muscles and tendons. Furthermore, studies show static stretching before your workout decreases muscle performance, in particular when the stretch lasts longer than a minute.

When preparing for a workout consider movements that will improve your range of motion and performance. The simplest way is by doing a dynamic warm-up involving moving your body to loosen it up.

Here are favorite warm-up moves I do for about 5 minutes before a workout:

  •      3-minute slow jog or walk (walking in place works, too)
  •      Arm circles (both directions)
  •      Slow squats
  •      Knee up (one leg at a time)

Myth No. 5: Yoga is a lame workout

The first time I took a Vinyasa yoga class, I was in excellent shape, or so I thought. It was a humbling experience and an amazingly challenging workout.

It’s been proven a vigorous yoga class can be just as good as aerobic exercise for improving health. Yoga also improves sleep patterns, strengthens the immune system and helps you feel more at ease.

Yoga has been a wonderful addition to my routine for both body and mind. When I can’t attend a live class I download a class from, they start at $10 and you get to keep them forever.

Myth No. 6: Spot train to lose fat in troublesome areas

While it is true different exercises work to strengthen various parts of the body, there is no such thing as working on a specific area for fat loss.

Fat cells are all over our entire body. If you wish to lose fat from your butt or your legs, you must reduce your body’s total percentage of fat. Usually, the best bet is the right food intake paired with a routine that combines strength and high-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

A beginner’s routine to achieve this can be as simple as:

  •    Jumping jacks (you can modify them if you can’t jump)
  •    Push-ups (modify on your knees if needed)
  •    Wide-legged squats
  •    Plank (modify on your knees if needed)
  •    High knees (you can jump them or not)

Do each exercise for 20 seconds, with a 10-second rest break before moving onto the next element. I’d suggest three-to-five sets depending on your fitness level.

There are only so many hours in a day and if you are in a leadership position, whether in a big company or home office, making time to move should be a critical priority of your workday. Exercise can benefit your brain, mood, sleep and overall stamina. You won’t be disappointed.



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