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Mari Pizarro, is a Certified Health Coach, Hormone Cure Trainer, Master Transformational Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Raw Foods Chef, and Wellness Expert.


She has close to 25 years of experience in the health care industry, specifically in the human resources, development, and leadership fields. Along with a scientific background and 8 years of holistic nutrition studies, she brings a well-rounded approach to all her projects.


Mari beautifully marries her professional expertise and personal experiences (as a busy executive, a mom, and an entrepreneur) to her insightful programs and talks.


Frequently Requested Topics:


  • Are your cravings driving you? Take control now!
  • Mindful Eating. The power of mindfulness when nourishing yourself
  • Don’t sweet-talk me…the truth about sugar addiction
  • Because you love your body. A 21-day experiment in self-love
  • Hot Flash Be Gone! 21 days to kick your menopause symptoms, release weight, and regain energy


Mari is known for having a keen eye (and ear) to understand your group’s needs and create a customized talk for you.


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