Is Fat Really Bad For You? Week 1 of 3

August 1, 2014

I remember growing up in a fat censored culture. Everything had to be “fat free”, “low fat”, or “light”. It is safe to say, fats have had a particularly bad rep in the past. Well, the answer is not as straight forward as it seems. Not all fats are created equal.

I bet you have been hearing that there are, in fact, some “good” fats out there. In the past, the mere fact of putting “fat” and “good” in the same sentence scared many and left even more skeptical.The main question – should we really be eating “good fats” or should we stay away from those devilish substances (FATS!) all together?

Come to find out, there are definitely a few real devils out there. Fats that have been heavily processed or hydrogenated “trans” fats  (used in most packaged foods, restaurant foods and fast foods) have  been proven to be extremely toxic and inflammatory. These fats interfere with the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, immune system, and in many cases lead to behavioral problems. They create pockets of excessive weight (you know where), skin breakouts, elevated blood pressure, and even extra liver stress among other horrors. By removing “bad fats” from your diet you will be amazed at the positive health effect

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Posted in Health/Fitness by Mari Pizarro