Men… Losing Strength? This Hormone Can Help

May 9, 2017

Yes, we’re talking testosterone.  That muscle-building hormone.  But I’m not going to recommend that you take any anabolic steroid hormones or anything like that. I am going to give you two solid tips on how you can boost your testosterone levels naturally with two natural supplements.

Tip #1: Get enough zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps with a number of processes in your body (it helps over 300 enzymes).  Zinc helps your immune system, helps to produce critical proteins and DNA, and also helps with wound healing.  Enough zinc is necessary to maintain healthy skin and for optimal ability to taste and smell.  Zinc is an antioxidant and can be supplemented to support optimal levels of testosterone because it helps the enzymes that converts cholesterol into testosterone. Good sources of zinc include egg yolks, and shellfish but also plants can provide zinc such as beans and nuts.  The best dietary source of zinc are oysters. The daily recommended dose of zinc for men is 11 mg/day (for women it’s 8 mg/day).  Low zinc levels are rare but tend to occur in athletes, vegans and people who sweat a lot (zinc is lost in sweat).  And low zinc levels have been l

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May 2, 2017

Oh my gosh – nutrition and diet info is everywhere! And each expert and association tries to lead you in their direction because they know best and their advice is going to help you.  Right? Well, maybe… Everyone has heard (and maybe lived through) the intense focus on how much you eat. This has gotten way too much attention because while this does affect your weight and energy level, it’s certainly not the “holy grail” of health. Let’s focus a bit more on the often overlooked (and proven) benefits of what you eat and drink and how you eat and drink it. What you eat and drink The “calories in, calories out” philosophy (i.e. how much you eat) is being drowned out with research on other factors that may be just as important.  Don’t get me wrong limiting the amount of what you eat can certainly help you lose some weight but that’s simply not the only factor for long-term health and maximu

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April 25, 2017

This word “metabolism” is thrown around a lot these days.  What it really means is that your metabolic rate technically describes all of the biochemical reactions in your body.  It’s how you take in nutrients and oxygen and use them to fuel everything you do. You know that if your metabolic rate is too slow you might gain weight easily and perhaps lack energy throughout the day. But what exactly does this all mean? Your body has an incredible ability to grow, heal, and generally stay alive.  And without this amazing biochemistry you would not be possible. Metabolism includes how the cells in your body:

  • Allow activities you can control (e.g. physical activity, etc.).
  • Allow activities you can’t control (e.g. heartbeat, wound healing, processing of nutrients & toxins, etc.).
  • Allow storage of excess energy for later.

So when you put all of these processes together into a system, let’s call it metabolism, it’s easy to imagine that these can work too quickly, too slowly, or just right. Which brings us to the definition of “metabolism”. Metabolism or metabolic rate: This is how fast this system works and is measured in calories (yup, those calories!). The calories you eat can go to one of three places:

  • Work (i.e. exercise and other activity).
  • Heat (i.e. from all

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April 19, 2017

Sometimes holiday feasts are a surreal experience. And it’s not just the abundance of delicious food but also the people, the decorations, and the ambiance. It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on those days. The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t always stop there. Sometimes we overeat on regular days. Or at regular meals. Or All. The. Time. Here are three simple strategies to avoid overeating at meals. (Psst, turn these into habits and ditch the willpower!) Tip #1: Start with water When your stomach is growling and you smell amazingly delicious food it’s too easy to fill a plate (or grab some samples with your bare hands) and dive into the food. But did you know that it’s possible to sometimes confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger? Your stomach may actually be craving a big glass of water rather than a feast. Some studies have shown that drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can help reduce the amount of food eaten. And this super-simple tip may even help with weight loss (…just sayin’). Not only will the water start to fill up your stomach before you get to the buffet, leaving less room for the feast but drinking enough water has been shown to slightly increase your metabolism. Win-win!

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March 2, 2017

Enjoy my celery soup! Main ingredient’s benefits: Celery is very rich in vitamin K and also contains folate, vitamin A, potassium, and vitamin C. Dietary fiber – despite being mainly water, celery also provides a fair amount of dietary fiber. This versatile vegetable it’s refreshing and provides natural sodium and electrolytes to nourish our cells.

Creamy Celery Soup

1 bunch of celery chopped 1 cup of raw cashews 3 garlic cloves Juice of one lime or lemon Sea salt, to taste 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar To serve: olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, lime, fresh coriander seeds or cilantro. Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until completely combined. Taste and season more if needed. Serve right away with olive oil, lime juice and black pepper and fresh herbs. If served later, store in the fridge. Body Love Uncooked!

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March 31, 2015

It’s your whole grain breakfast cereal! Did you know that the majority of breakfast cereals in the supermarket are actually harmful for your health? Even most of those labeled as “whole grain,” “high fiber,” “low fat,” or “gluten free.” But why? Well, the majority of these cereals contain offensive amounts of sugar. Take Raisin Bran for example. In reality it is composed of whole grain flakes and raisins, both of which are sweetened with a whopping 18 grams of sugars per 1 serving (almost 5 teaspoonfuls of sugar). And I say sugars because the flakes themselves have at least two forms of very unhealthy sugars, such as sugar syrup and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). After eating these “healthy” breakfast cereals, your body will experience a major increase in blood sugar, regardless of what grain they are supposedly made from (rice, corn, whole wheat, etc.). So what? It’s important to mention that a sudden increase of sugar in your blood will trigger your body to release fat storing hormones, such as insulin, which will contribute to more cravings later on. This is a very crappy way to start the day in my opinion. It is also worth mentioning that when blood sugar increases quickly, we experience glycation. Glycation accelerates the speed at which your body parts age. Body parts such as your joints, skin, organs, etc. Please, think twice before digging into

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October 22, 2014

My grandmother’s quick pick me up! Traditional Spanish Garlic Soup (dairy free, gluten free, soy free, combines as a protein) 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 5 cloves of garlic chopped (it’s garlic soup after all!) 2 ½ cups of chicken broth or stock 1 egg 1 teaspoon of paprika (optional) Salt and pepper to taste Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in low heat and add chopped garlic and paprika. Keep the heat low and sauté for 4 minutes. Add the broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 4 more minutes, add egg and stir immediately. Egg will cook on contact. Turn heat off add a tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  

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October 15, 2014

This recipe is plant based, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and combines as a starch. A Client Favorite!!! (Makes 2 servings) Ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, minced 1 yellow onion, finely chopped 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil or avocado oil 2 cups of cubed butternut squash 1 tablespoon of olive oil 2 cups of organic vegetable stock or broth Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Melt butter or ghee in large skillet over medium heat. Sauté garlic and onion in organic fat. Once the base ingredients are sautéed (should start to look translucent, about 5 minutes), add the butternut squash. Add the broth, salt, and pepper and let simmer until squash is tender. With an immersion blender, blend until desired consistency. If you need more liquid, just add more broth. (If no immersion blender, then carefully transfer small amounts to a blender and blend on low speed.) Add salt, pepper, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (once all is blended) and enjoy!!! This soup keeps well in the refrigerator; my kids have it for breakfast the next day—it’s that good!  

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