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February 13, 2014

Have you noticed that when we lack self love and respect we tend to attract people and circumstances that mirror our negative beliefs and feelings? And then somehow we stay stuck?

But why? Why is it that staying in a bad relationship or in a job that doesn”t inspire us seems safer than moving on? Why do we hold on to the extra weight? Why don”t we explore a new passion? Why do Clients can obtain a wagering account at any Station sportsbook in Nevada and may top-up their accounts via debit or credit card. we procrastinate on our personal goals?

Could it be due to our own inner voice? That inner voice that has been “protecting” us from change, from failure, from freedom? The voice says, it”s safe here; you are not good enough; it is what it is; who do you think you are? just be happy you have a job; at least you are not alone…

That voice is FEAR and we must let it go. But before letting it go, acknowledge that it has been there to protect you, thank your fears and let

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February 13, 2014

What do you think happens when we concentrate our energy in what we perceive as imperfections, past mistakes, or self-imposed limitations? We augment their power! As a result, we start an inner war that drains our energy, creates internal conflict, and sabotages our efforts to move towards our real goals and desires. What’s the alternative? Certainly NOT denial. It is healthy to acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. The alternative is to acknowledge the truth and then explore what you want to do next. What if the truth is really bad? Say that by not turning a project on time, you lost a promotion you were hoping for; by failing to be honest, you lost your soul mate; your miserable attitude has cost you a lifetime without friends. Even if the truth is ugly, self-criticism doesn’t add any value whatsoever. “I was dishonest and lost my soul mate” is bad enough. How are you helping by adding “and let me beat myself up for the rest of my life”? Join my and let’s experiment this week to address the truth and end with a period. “I am fat”. Pause, feel the sensation associated with t

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February 13, 2014

When I was younger this topic made me very uncomfortable. I believed that by “serving others” while neglecting my own needs, desires, opinions and ideas I would gain love, appreciation, respect and admiration. I was setting me up for big disappointment. Admirable people like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, the Dalai Lama (and many others) share several personality traits like charisma, assertiveness, courage, conviction, passion, resiliency, etc. They all knew exactly what they wanted and did not settle for less. They never compromised their opinions and rarely experienced insecurities or self-doubt. They all respected themselves. What’s the opposite? The absence of self-love. When we feel indecisive, full of doubt or we are self-critical we exhaust ourselves and diminish the possibility of moving towards our goals, desires and passions. Even worse, when self-love is totally lacking we can end up depressed, constantly sad or in a bad mood, never happy with whom we are and we may even exhibit self-loathing. I am inviting you to take a few minutes t