Success Stories

“Mari helped me find and travel a path that I would never have discovered on my own.”

The external results were visible, and the internal results were measureable. Mari took the time to find the right approach for me and made it easy for me to stay on track by adding her personal touch.

John Abt, Scientific Advisor

“Your nutrition plan was a huge part of reaching my goal.”

So thank you very, very much for being one of the people who helped me reach my health goals. And more importantly, thank you for helping me be the healthiest and fittest I have ever been.

Jason Adams, Human Resources Assistant

“I have wanted to email you to say thank you for your help.”

I ran a triathlon a few days ago and decreased my Personal Record by 10 minutes to 3:16. I can honestly say that I didn’t change anything in my training other than my nutrition. I can’t wait to see the results I have after staying on your plan this summer! Thanks, Mari

“Mari Carmen has a no-nonsense approach to health that is hard to resist.”

She taught me self-love—a novel concept for me. Once I realized that I had starved myself of the love that only I can give myself, the weight started to come off, and it was easy to say yes to a new me. My eternal gratitude to Mari Carmen for pointing me in the right direction.

“I can trust Mari to provide the services exactly as she describes them on her webpage”

The results are AMAZING! And I am still surprised at how many layers we were able to peel off in each session.

“I just finished my sessions with Master Transformational Coach Mari Carmen Pizarro and whoa…this woman changed my life!”

I feel like I was a tribal woman in a village, and she was the tribal leader. She spoke to my inner woman, raised my awareness of that inner voice, lovingly and firmly called me on my shit of playing small, and held sacred space as I squirmed on uncomfortable topics.

This woman. Picked. Me. Apart. But in the most loving way a coach can and should. She knew exactly when to skim over and when to dig in. Voice like butter, but tough as nails, this is my kind of coach! Thank you, Mari, for celebrating my ego and helping me see that it’s okay if people are uncomfortable with my high level of confidence. 

“After losing close to 35 pounds in 8 weeks, the most significant changes I have noticed are: positivity, confidence, self-esteem, healthiness, energy, and weight loss.”

It is amazing how eating the correct foods offers weight loss as a benefit! I don’t consider this process a diet at all! It is a different way of life for me. It was not the easiest to pass up cookies or cinnamon buns, but when I thought of my number one goal of losing weight, I easily passed on all those goodies. Besides, having learned a lot about what the 5 largest organs do in my body and how they relate to the food I eat and vice versa, I was able to stop those cravings much faster.

The other thing is that it is not a cut-out-everything way of life. Rather you think of something to substitute for your craving and eat that instead. Ice cream made the healthy way is ooh so good—yes, we eat ice cream and much, much more. I thank Mari for my amazing transformation every day!

“If you told me that in 6 short weeks I would melt away excess weight while eating more than I ever have and gain tons of energy, I would have thought you were crazy.”

But it’s all true! Mari’s program has completely transformed my mindset regarding food and nutrition. She was with me every step of the way and provided me with insight and tools that will help me continue this journey for a lifetime.

Thank you, Mari, for helping me peel away years of poor eating to uncover a healthy new me!

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