An Open Letter to Mr. Trump

October 11, 2016

picture1 Dear Mr. Trump, I need to let you know why I am voting against you.  It’s not personal. I don’t have to like you, endorse you, or cheer for you.  However, I must do my part to make sure you don’t make it to the White House. Here’s why:

  • You do things I teach my young adult sons NOT to do. I teach them to respect others, especially women, because they actually come from women themselves…  My heart will break if they ever become as nasty as you have, specifically towards women.
  • My soul is aching for any young men (including my own) who believe they can get away with being offensive, ill-mannered, or disrespectful and still be in the White House running this beautiful country.
  • You speak about women (or spoke, it doesn’t matter) in a way that I pray none of the men my daughters marry ever will.
  • I also don’t want my daughters or any woman thinking that men can talk like that. Not even in a “locker room.” It’s painful and sad.
  • You deflect the truth by attacking others instead of taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is one of our family values. It’s not easy sometime

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